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Makayla raphael


Is it possible to have uneven eyes?

What does a uneven eye look like? Is it possible to everyone in risks of uneven eyes?
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    Well, it seems that you are worried about the risk of having uneven eyes. As a matter of fact, some people around me do have uneven eyes, some of their uneven eyes are inborn and could not be changed in a natural way. Actually, nearly all of our eyes are uneven, because our eyes could not be precisely identical to each other, but some people's uneven eyes seem to be distinct. So, if your eyes are not uneven before, then you will simply have no problems.
  • etje


    Uneven eyes mean the size of an eye is different from the other one, usually one eye appears larger than the other. Some are born with uneven eyes and some get them due to surgery, injury or certain eye diseases. The disproportionate eyes occur mostly due to glaucoma and person with uneven eyes should ask an ophthalmologist to help deal with them.