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Cassidy bell


Can lack of sleep cause ptosis?

Is it possible to get ptosis because of lacking sleep? Why? If so, will my eyes recover after getting a good rest?
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  • Anthony


    Yea, lacking of sleep can cause the ptosis. We all know that the ptosis come into being when our eyelid drops down. When we do not sleep enough, namely, our eyes do not have a good rest, and the eyelids will drop down when we get up next day, then you will have a date with the ptosis. Of course, if the ptosis is not heavy, it will come back to normal after a few hours. If the ptosis is heavy and obvious, what you should do is having a good rest letting both you and your eyes have enough sleep, then the ptosis will go away within several days. Yeah, when you found you get the ptosis, which cannot tell you do not sleep well, because there are some other reason why you get the ptosis, such as the anxiety. Hope my opinions help you and good luck.LOL.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    It is possible to get ptosis because of lacking sleep. Ptosis is a drooping or falling of the upper or lower eyelid. The appearance of it can be exaggerated by inadequate sleeping hours. Recovery of it depends on the degree of ptosis, but your eyes cannot recover only by getting a good rest. You must take your doctor's advice.
  • Mariah


    Well, in my opinion, it is possible to have eyelid ptosis when you are lack of sleep, for ptosis is usually caused by high blood pressure. For example, when you are lack of sleep, it will make you have high blood pressure in the morning. So this can be a factor which can lead to eyelid ptosis. And of course, if you just have this situation for only once, you do not need any worry about it. And just have a good rest next night, it will be fine. Also, you should know that eyelid ptosis is often caused by depression. So just pay more attention to yourself.