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Nicholas carter


How to lower eye pressure with eye exercises?

I have heard that doing eye exercise can help with high eye pressure. How to lower eye pressure with eye exercises?
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  • califractal


    First of all, you shall choose a form of aerobic exercise that to lower your eye pressure such as jogging, or playing basketball etc. By doing the exercise, it will elevates your heart rate that could lower your eye pressure. The Glaucoma Research Foundation found that people will experience lower eye pressure if he/she insist exercise for at least three months. So, start a aerobic exercise for good health.
  • Elvis Presley


    It is said that eye exercises together with medicines can help lower eye pressure. If you have high eye pressure, you can talk to your doctor how to exercises your eyes together with medicines to lower eye pressure. The doctor will help you choose a form of eye exercises that suit you fine to deal with your eye pressure. If you folloe the doctor's instructions, you may get good results on eye exercises.

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