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How to treat red eyes after using computer?

After using computer screen for a long period, my eyes appear red and pain. Any idea to treat my red eyes right now? Help!
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    This symptom has been caused by excessive using of the eye. The decrease of blink times will cause lack of tear hyposecretion that lead to dry eyes and visual fatigue. This time you need artificial tears to relief the dry eyes and have a good rest after that. The next time you go to work, please soften your computer screen's light, and lower the intense of contrast, which will ease your eyes. Help yourself to have a distant view every two hours for 10min. If your work will ask you use computer in a long time, you need to eat some supplement or fruits which full of Vitamin A & B, and carotene. They are the necessary nutrients which would protect your eyes every day. Carrot, Chrysanthemum tea, sesame, bean, milk and wheat germ are all the great choice for you. At the meantime, eyes massage will bring more comfort to your eyes.
  • Shannon


    There is no quick way to treat red eyes because of long time using of computer. You shall take regular break when you are working with computer. Now, since you got red eyes, you must stop seeing computer and take a good rest. Using some eye drops to help you release eye strains. Besides, you can make an adjustment of your computer including brightness, text size and contrast and color temperature so as to protect your eyes.
  • Theresa M


    First of all, you should pay attention to having a rest, and do not see the computer long time . I suggest that when you use the computer every half hour and then rest at least 5 minutes. And when you are resting, you can walk around or look at distance. Second, adjust the light in order to let eyes comfortable.
  • Rebecca


    Remedies for red eyes range from rest, cool compresses over your eyes and over-the-counter eye drops to more aggressive treatment such as antibiotics or even surgery.Remember, if red eyes are accompanied by eye pain, light sensitivity, swelling or blurry vision, see your eye doctor immediately for urgent treatment.
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  • Peter Kisfaludi


    Red eyes are usually caused by not blinking enough when looking at a screen. To help with that, I developed Blinky, which is an app that "teaches" you to remember to blink more often. If interested, please sign up below: Have a nice day and hope your problem goes away soon! Peter

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