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Andrew Rabinowitz


When were colored contact lenses invented? Are they safe?

People with colored contact lenses look nice and more and more people prefer colored contacts. I wonder when colored contact lenses were invented. Is it safe to wear them?
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  • walker67


    I heard that the use of color in contact lenses begun in 1981. It is made by a company known as Ciba Vision. They were inspired by the development of soft lenses in the late 1970s. Ciba Vision make out of the first visibly tinted soft lenses in the world. And most of colored contact lenses are made to help people who want to change their eye's color without prescription. Now, most of people wear colored contact lenses just for good appearances.
  • Cassidy


    The colored contact lenses are created by Ciba Vision Company in 1981. It was promoted by the development of soft contact lens during 1975 to 1980. The colored contact lens can satisfy people's needs that change the color of the eyes physically to present a better performance. And this kind of colored contact lenses work as makeup thus it can't correct eye vision. As the other contact lenses, it’s safe to wear with general contact lens rules.
  • Richard Beman


    Dr William Feinbloom was the first Doctor to use a colored corneal section on his Scleral contact lenses in 1936. He also at that time invented bi-focal, Tri-focal and multifocal contact lenses. "Colored" contact lenses are not new. With the advent of plastics in the early 1930's contact lenses have been made in colors quite easily. Plastic corneal contact lenses were being introduced in 1948 and shortly after that they were available in a wide variety of colors and even "sun lenses" for outdoors. Colored contact lenses were not introduced by "Johnson and Johnson", and I believe this unknowing person is referring to colored "Soft-Contact lenses" which were introduced by CIBA ( A division of W/J contact lenses ) in 1984... I was a contact lens technician at one time, working for a well respected Doctor..
  • ebbainthesky


    The colored contact lenses were invented by Johnson & Johnson in 2003, and it is so popular in the world in 2005 as there are so many superstars from South Korea to wear them and look so beautiful. It is not safe if you choose the colored contact lenses with the bad quality because some products even have pigment loss event before. The technology of printing and dyeing is not so natural so that pigment layer directly contacts eyes cause ocular irritation. You can choose the cosmetic lenses with''sandwich'' technology. It is safe as the pigmented layer will not contact the eyes.
  • Jason lester


    Color contact lenses, were first put forward by Johnson & johnson. The disadvantages of wearing contact lenses mainly depends on the individual. First, lens' contacting with cornea is easy to damage the cornea. In addition, do not sleep with contact lenses. Those who with eye diseases such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis, trachoma should not take contact lenses. In general, wearing contact lenses for some people is safe, while for others is not.

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