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Alexia charles


Can you use water as temporary contact solution?

I broke my solution and right now need something to clean my contact lenses. Can i use water as temporary contact solution? Why or why not?
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  • luis


    Definitely no, please don't do that. Remember not use tap water, bottled water or distilled water as an alternative of contact lens solution. Because there are a large number of dangerous microorganisms, which can't be seen by eyes physically. If you use these types of water to clean or store your contact lenses, they can cause sight-threatening eye infections. The best solution of this situation is using your saline solution as cleaning solution. Or you should carry some pairs of daily disposable contact lenses as backup.
  • Kaylee


    No, i don't recommend you to use water instead of contact solution. You shall never use tap water or distilled water because there are bacterium in water that we can't see. if you do that, is likely to make your eyes get infection or maybe allergy. So, you must buy another contacts solution as soon as possible.
  • california_lovv


    It is so dangerous to use water as temporary contact solution because your eyes will be dry so that you can not open your eyes if you keep the contact lenses into the water. Nursing liquid is not the same as water, and it contains a variety of enzymes, can eliminate the dirt and germs on the lenses , thus protects your eyes. And also the composition of nursing liquid can lubricate your eyes. If you had no choice and used the water already, please choose the purified water and use the contact solution before you wear the contact lenses.
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