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Will big nerd glasses look good on a oblong face?

It seems big nerd glasses are very popular in this year. I want to buy a pair. But i have an oblong face, will it look good on me?
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  • Isabel fergus


    Nerd eyeglasses are one of the most popular styles right now especially among young generation. With nerdy eyeglasses, they can make them look more mature. Also, some people can also look geek chic with nerd eyeglasses. What's more, nerd glasses are easy to match people with any shape. And usually, oblong face can also look good with nerd eyeglasses. So Just try on.
  • Kristin


    Yeah, the nerd glasses become more and more popular this days.The black frame will create a calm and fashionable effect. Actually, the big nerd glasses will not pick harshly on the shape of the face, except the ones with small faces. You have an oblong face which to some degree will look good with the big nerd glass. So, don't worry that your face may suit to wear big nerd glass. Just pick the one that makes you look fashionable and cool.
  • Chris L.


    Actually, big nerd glasses include many types of glasses with black frame. You are right that big nerd glasses are very hot in this year. Therefore, many eyeglasses company try to help people with different shape of face to find their most suitable big nerd glasses. For you with an oblong face, you can choose a pair of big nerd glasses with a little wide frame. This little change will make your face look shorter and the overall proportion of your face will be better. The best way is that you go to eyeglasses store for a try.
  • Billy


    I really like the big nerd glasses, i think the "nerd" glasses would work very well especially with a oblong face, actually i have a ablong face too, sometimes it also depends on your personal style.