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Alexandria giles


Where to buy color contacts Cullon Edward wears in twilight?

I like the colored contact lenses that Edward uses in Twilight. So, can you tell me where can i get it? Can I find them for a cheap price?
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  • crazyasswhatnow


    If you can't find it in eyeglasses shop nearby you, you can search it online. I just search it in Google, and luckily, i find that contact lenses at And the contact lenses are priced at affordable prices. Hope this help you.
  • Josh


    Yeah, I also want to have color contacts that Cullon Edward wears. They can make my eyes look bigger and fire-eyed. As you know, buying things online is convenient and fast. The most important thing is that the effect of wearing the color contacts is so fantastic. This is exactly what I want, almost the same color as that of Cullon Edward. You may have a go on that online store. I recommend it strongly.
  • Logan quick


    Twilight is really hot. Many people want to buy such contacts. There is buyer, there must be supplier. You can try to get them in online eyeglasses store. You type your key word in google, and then you will find what you want. Here I recommend you a website www. which is a very famous b2b website in the world. In addition, I want to be nice to advise you reduce the time of wear such contacts because they might be harmful for your eyes.

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