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Katelyn owen


How to keep glasses on while i'm dancing?

I want to practice dance, but i am nearsighted that troubles me. Is there anyway that can keep my eyeglasses on while i am dancing?
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  • Mii


    We are in the same boat. I'm also nearsighted. You know, solutions are more than problems, so calm down. In my opinion, there are some ways for you to choose. Firstly, namely the easiest way is to buy an antiskid belt it can fasten your eyeglasses while you're dancing. Secondly, consider getting a sports strap for your eyeglasses if you dance. It can prevent your eyeglasses falling off. At last, you can also tighten the frame of your eyeglasses, making sure it fits the shape of your face. Please believe in me. I'll help you eliminate your trouble that haunts you.
  • Samuel


    You can wear contact lenses when you dance, but it's not merely a matter of keeping your eyeglasses on while you are dancing. If you are a moderate and high myopia, you'd better avoid strenuous exercises such as playing ball games and dancing because moderate and high myopia could easily cause visual vitreous opacity, retinal hemorrhage and retinal detachment, which may result in blindness. Therefore, I advise you to pay attention to the exercise intensity while you are dancing.