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Is watermelon good for your eyes?

Can watermelon good something good for eyes? And how?
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  • equine_world


    Yes, of course, watermelon can be good for your eyes. According to some experts, the health benefits of water melon include kidney disorders, high blood pressure, heart care, heat stroke, macular degeneration. And it is especially good for eyes' health. You should know that they are rich in vitamin-C and Lutein and Zeaxanthin. So they will ensure protection of your eyes from macular degeneration. Also, these anti oxidants will protect your eyes from other age related ailments such as drying up of eyes and optical nerves, glaucoma. Anyway, they are beneficial for your eyes. Besides, watermelon is good for the heart care, so patients who want to have heart care, can eat more.
  • Benjamin


    Yes, eating the suitable amount of watermelon is good for the body and the eyes because it can increase the metabolism which may indirectly moisture your eyes. However, eating too much will cause the lose of nutrition which may make you look weak. Thus, you'd better eat tehe suitable amount.
  • Mort


    Well, you should know that watermelon is enriched in lots of great vitamins and nutritions. However, you should also bear in mind that don't cross the line, since every blade is double edged. There are also some side effect as long as you take in excessive watermelons. So you need to find a balanced diet which could benefit your vision. Actually, the vitamin C is watermelon is great for your eyes.