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Can cataract surgery cause retinal detachment?

My doctor suggests me to take an cataract surgery. But i heard that there are risks of taking cataract surgery. Will cataract surgery causes retinal detachment? Any idea?
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  • Jacqueline hall


    Well, yes, there is little risk to have retinal detachment after cataract surgery. Cataract surgery, especially if the operation has complications, increases the risk of a retinal detachment. A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye, which can eventually block the central line of sight and impairs vision. As we know that Cataract surgery is an operation to remove the clouded lens. When the surgery is finished, there is a capsule in eyes. So opening the capsule increases the risk of retinal detachment. But generally speaking, it is safe to take the surgery. Besides, there are also some other factors which can lead to retinal detachment including genetics, age, diet, smoking and sunlight exposure. So just be careful about it.
  • Alexander green


    Almost every surgery will have the little possibility of side effects. But they are safe and effective when using the high technology in the modern hospital. As we know, the retinal detachment is mostly happened among people with high prescription. The cataract surgery will have little chance to cause the retinal detachment.
  • Jacob adams


    Retinal detachment can occur more frequently after surgery for cataracts. The estimate of risk of retinal detachment after cataract surgery is 5 to 16 per 1000 cataract operations. The risk may be much higher in those who are highly myopic, with a frequency of 7% reported in one study. Young age at cataract removal further increased risk in this study.