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Can cataract surgery cause dizziness?

I feel dizziness. I just got an cataract surgery several days ago. Is the dizziness caused by cataract surgery?
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  • Christopher


    Yes, the dizziness can be caused by cataract surgery. As we know that Dizziness refers to a condition that causes sensations such as faintness, unsteadiness and lightheadedness. There are also many factors which can lead to it, such as low blood pressure, eye disorders. Especially when you have a cataract surgery, it can lead to eye disorders. In that way, it can cause dizziness. According to some researches, Dizziness can also begin for individuals with visual disturbances, such as cataract surgery. So, treating individual disorders will help relieve the related dizzy feelings. Besides, after the surgery, there are also many things you should pay attention to, for your eyes are sensitive and fragile. For example, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. Also, you should remember not sleep on the side of the operated eye for the first night.
  • ezycome_ezygo


    Yes, cataract surgery can cause your eyes dizziness. Dizziness is actually rather usual after cataract surgery due to the following causes. First, it may be the reason of the side effect of the medicines used in the surgery and you are very sensitive to that. Second, it may be caused by the pressure spike in your eyes. Third, you may just not adjust to the new vision .

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