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Is wolfberry good for the eyes?

Is it good for the eyes if i intake more wolfberry? IF so, How can wolfberry benefit eyes?
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  • walkinalone


    The wolfberry is rare medicinal material and tonic which will be good for the eyes. The fruit of wolfberry can lower the blood sugar, has the role of resistance to fatty liver and resistance to atherosclerosis. Being good for the health of body, the wolfberry can make the eyes be moisture.
  • cook


    Well, you should know that wolfberry is one of the most beneficial plants to your eyes. Because according to scientific research, there are a lot of wonderful vitamins and nutritions in it, such as vitamin a and vitamin c, both could help to tackle eye-related problems. By taking wolfberries on a regular basis, our vision could be improved, at least to some extent. Hope you find them useful.
  • Shirley


    Yes, intaking wolfberry is good for the eyes. The effect of benefiting the eyes of wolfberry depends on its zeaxanthol. Zeaxanthol accumulating in the retina can reduce the stimulation of ultraviolet rays to help protect optic nerves from being damaged and to help reduce and prolong the aging of the eyes, prevent degeneration and pathological changes of the eyes, decrease the incidence rate of eye trouble. However, human body cannot synthesize such element, and we have to gain it from vegetables and fruits. Moreover, most food do not contain much zeaxanthol, excluding wolfberry. Zeaxanthol contained in the wolfberry can be absorbed directly by human body, therefore, it is good for the eyes if you intake more wolfberry.

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