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Alexandria taylor


Is eyebright herb good for dry eyes?

Is there anyway used eyebright herb? Are they work for dry eyes? How?
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  • williams


    Eyebright is an berb whicn is rivh in antioxidant. Besides, it also contains astringent and antibiotic properties. These eyebright can tighten membrance and improve eye circulation. What's more, eyebright is rich in vitamins C, A and tannins tightening membranes. So, it can improve eye circulation. And the rich rich in vitamins C, A and tannins in Eyebright can do a lot of help in easing the inflammation. All these will make your eyes healthier and your eyes will have a good environment, which will work for your dry eyes.
  • Paige


    The eyebright herb will work for the dry eyes. Its inner material can eliminate eye fatigue problem, improve eyesight, bright eyes' surrounding parts, improve eyesight and other eye functions. It can also help reduce eye bags and black rim of the eyes. In addition, it has the antioxidant protection for the heart health. It is so good for the body health. It can also clear away the heat. In addition to it can cure thirst fever, headache and urination. As a healthy product, it receives a lot of popularity among the people who knows how to keep good health.
  • Tyler charles


    In pharmacology,eyebright got its benefits as it's name 1, eliminate eye fatigue vision bright eyes and reappear, improve eyesight and eyes function. 2, help cut pouch and black rim of the eye 3, antioxidant protection heart health And the fatigue of eyes is the reason of your eyes being so dry.So,definitely,it will help you relax your eyes. Just have a try!