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Why do people wear safety glasses over prescription glasses?

Why do people wear safety glasses over prescription glasses?
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  • enternalhate


    prescription glasses are worn for provide eyes vision aids. But in some environment, vision aids is not enough for eyes, they also need well protected from UV rays, hazard rays. So, they wear safety glasses. Aside from shield eyes from UV rays, safety glasses can also prevent eyes from wind, sands, insects and other flying debris in the air. So, if you are working in some dangerous condition, it is very necessary to shield your eyes with safety glasses.
  • Luis lewis


    People who often work in the dangerous environment like the workplace are likely to suffer eye injuries, so they must wear safety glasses to protect their eyes from being damaged. Sfety glasses are designed to give eyes full protection because they prevent the debris and other harmful particles getting into the eyes. And people who have vision problems need to wear prescription glasses to help them see clearly, they can wear safety glasses over prescription glasses so that they can not only have clear vision but also get eye protection.
  • Catherine williams


    Although safety glasses and prescription glasses are both glasses .but safety glasses have more advantages than prescription glasses. Especially when people are exposed to flying particles, objects and dust .it is best to wear safety glasses .even if you have vision problems, you still can wear safety glasses and prescription glasses at the same time. Choosing safety glasses means choosing double functional glasses --help you see clearly and protect your eyes.

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