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Can fatigue cause yellow eyes ?

When a person is fatigue,will he get yellow eyes?Why or why not?
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  • handsomemansclu


    Yes, fatigue will cause your yellow eyes. Actually the color of eyes will not change which is decided by the genetic genes. When your color of the eyes changes, you may have the problems in the body health. Your fatigue will cause the problems of liver. The great burden or the bad habit of life will cause your liver problems. The inner excretion will work in disorder. Your eyes may become red at first because of the blood circulation at the whole body. Then your eyes may become yellow because of the problems of liver. You need to have the good rest for the eyes and the body health. You could use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. The enough amount of sleep is the necessary for you to make the yellow eyes come back to the normal state. You could also use the warm compress every day to release the symptom. The healthy diet is also an important one. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes which are very important. If you insist on doing the above tips, your yellow eyes will disappear and come back to the normal state.
  • tuener


    Yes,kind of.One can get yellow eyes for excessive tiredness.Do you also feel your eyes itchy,painful and dry?As far as I know,these symptoms usually come along with yellow eyes.In this case,I have some remedies for you. You have to know that if your yellow eyes are caused by fatigue,your eyes must be really dry.Why not give your eyes a regular break?Use some warm and purified water to soothe your eyes,which can help hydrate your eyes.And do eye exercise as often as you can,and this is also good for improving your eyesight.If you still feel worried,you had better go to the doctor to get your eyes a full check.Follow the doctor's instructions and you will recover very soon.