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Is graves eye disease contagiou s?

My roomie gets graves eye,I am worried that whether this disease is contagious or not.
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  • cookie127


    Don't worry,graves eye disease is not contagious.First of all,you should know that its symptoms including weight loss,fatigue,brittle hair,rapid heart beat,hard to sleep and anxiety.If you have these symptoms,you should be careful then.By the way,I don't mean that this disease is contagious,I am just telling you how to tell grave eye disease.It is an auto immune disease.When you get this,your body's white blood cells is attacking other normal's.And then you will have bulging eyeballs.You should remind your roomie to go to the doctor often.It is not a serious disease,but you need to take care.
  • Brittany green


    No, graves eye disease is not contagious, not like the pink eye which could be infected to other people. Graves is also known as eye type thyroid eye disease. The graves disease incidence in eye disease is in the first place, much as bilateral incidence of the disease which is most common in middle-aged women. The ratio of men and women is 1:3. The main pathological changes of extraocular muscle hypertrophy and orbital fat content increased slowly, having a history of thyroid disease clinical manifestations of the thyroid function. The hyperfunction can be normal or low. The two main symptoms of graves are that bilateral painless exophthalmos eyelid, shrinking ophthalmoplegia and optic nerve dysfunction include decreased visual acuity diplopia pupillary reflex and vision abnormalities. However the graves will not be contagious. But you need to use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to cure it. The warm compress is also a good home remedy for you which you could take it into consideration.