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Are there home remedies for thyroid eye disease?

Is thyroid eye disease hard to cure?I wish to learn some home remedies in case this happens again.
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  • clairegriffon


    No,it is not that hard to cure.And here I will recommend some home remedies to you here.First of all.prepare some purified water,and the cool purified water would be better.Of course you should pour the water in a container that can contain your whole face.Next,you should soak your face into the container for a few min.After you soak your face in the water,you should keep your eyes open and blink again and again.It is good to your contaminated eyes.Another way I plan to introduce to you is in relation with hot water.Prepare some hot and purified water, a clean handkerchief,cotton balls and some cold and purified water,then the first step is to soak your handkerchief into the hot water,and next put this handkerchief on your eyes,FYI,keep your eyes closed.Make sure this hot compress can last two min.Next you should soak your cotton balls into cold water for one min and then apply them to your eyes instead.Last,dry your skin and eyes with a clean and dry towel.Are both the two ways very simple?I wish this could help you.
  • waldron143


    Yes, there are of course a lot of home remedies for your thyroid eye disease. This eye disease can be especially happened among adolescent and adult patients with mild younger. It can only show the eyelid late fall, retreat rabbit eye and eyelid pure exophthalmos or exophthalmos with different degree of hyperthyroidism by controlling the hyperthyroidism in the early stage The moderately active disease include the continuous eyelid, eyelid shrinking, late fall exophthalmus and some soft tissue. You could take notice of such disease. You could use the eyes drops at home with anti-inflammation to help you get rid of the coming bacterium. You could also use the warm compress home remedy by finding the hot water and clean cloth to make your eyes feel comfortable and release the symptom of thyroid eye disease. You should keep doing the above ways which will eventually help you release the outstanding eyeballs and get rid of the inner invisible bacterium in the eyes.

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