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How to reduce eye swelling from graves disease?

Every time my aunt suffers from her graves disease, then her eyes will swell. Is there any way to reduce her eye swelling?
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  • walkendeath


    Yeah,people who has graves disease usually suffers from eye swelling.And in most cases,this situation begins with one eye and quickly affects another one.And the symptoms may be like this,such as,your eye movements will be reduced,and you will get double vision.I have some suggestions for you to remove your swollen eyes.You can use some cucumber slices to apply to your eyes.And give your eyes a warm compress.Besides,there is another interesting way here.Prepare a spoon in the fridge.And then place the cold spoon over your closed eyelid for about one min.Do it again and again,then I guess you can say goodbye to your swollen eyes.


    It is so bad that your aunt gets the graves disease which will make the eyes feel not comfortable. As we know, the graves disease could be caused by the coming invisible bacterium. It can be characterized by eye disease. At the same time, this eye disease will cause the inflammatory pseudotumor eyelid swelling and exophthalmos. The CT or MRI examination revealed extraocular muscle hypertrophy and lacrimal gland enlargement. In order not to cause the eyelid shrinking which is characterized format eye disease, you should suggest your aunt take the formal medical treatment. At the same time, she could do the home remedies to make the recovery get soon. She could find the clean cloth and hot water to make her eyes feel comfortable and make the swelling eyes get release. She could even eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. In addition, the good rest and healthy diet are also very important.