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Does keratoconus cause light sensitivity?

I am told that I have keratoconus.Is that why I am so sensitive to light?
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  • califractal


    Yeah,keratoconus can definitely cause light sensitivity.There are several symptoms for this.Such as poor night vision,eye strain, double vision,distorted vision and so on.However,as you know,everything is going well.I have some solutions for you.You can wear contacts or eyeglasses to help you with your keratoconus.This way can help you to adjust your focus on the right vision.Besides,GP lenses also have this function and can even do better.But there is still an another way I don't recommend too much,an eye surgery.As you may know,most of the surgeries have a risk.Why not go to the doctor first?I am sure you will get better soon.Good luck!
  • evrydyisystrdy


    Yes, keratoconus will cause light sensitivity. When you get the keratoconus, that is to say that your cone thinning of the cornea is the central forward. An eye disease characterized it often cause highly irregular myopic astigmatism and different degrees of visual impairment, without inflammation. It is often happened among women around the age of youth. The early symptom is given priority to with refractive error, for myopia. Then it is gradually developed into astigmatism or irregular astigmatism, general lens can be corrected. The medium-term vision declines further, generally lens not correct. You must use contact lens vision correction and slit lamp examination to see the top of the central cornea gradually thinning, push out and so on. Sometimes after the elastic layer fracture, the aqueous humor intrusion, corneal stromal edema and opacity can occur. Later, the apex often form irregular linear scar or muddy cornea. The corneal superficial have new blood vessels ingrowth, decreased vision height and contact lens vision correction. It will make you have the light sensitivity because of the affection on the corneal and vision. You could treat it as soon as possible.

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