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What can I do to aviod visual degeneration?

What can I do to aviod visual degeneration?
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  • Faith cook


    To aviod visual degeneration, you should wear sunglasses when you are outdoors in case your eyes are exposed to the sunlight directly and be damaged by the UV rays. What's more, keep a balanced diet and drink more water but eat less salt, which eill help you avoid visual degeneration. Don't smoke and keep the diabetes under control can also help you avoid visual degeneration.
  • Audrey


    For avoiding visual denegation, I can give you some suggestions. First, you should ensure adequate sleep, because adequate sleep is an important factor for the elimination of fatigue and restore the ability to work; second, you should insist on doing eye exercises. Eye exercises have a certain effect on the protection of eyesight, prevention of myopia. You can do it several time every day; third, you should have rational diet structure. In order to avoid myopia, you should eat few candy and sugar foods. You can eat more fruits and vegetables which includes protein, phosphorus, and calcium. Fourth, you should pay attention to eye health.
  • cheryl


    Modernist watch TV often and always work or play games, surf on the internet, in front of the computer or laptop. There's radiation from these machine, people should sometimes talk a break, go out to have some sports, look at the green trees and breathe the nice and clean air to have some relax time for both the eyes and body. Also do not put your eyes too close to the TV or computer screen, if you have bad eyesight please put on your glasses to protect your eyes, and do not watch TV or read books when lying down.

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