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Is green tea good for glaucoma ?

Can drinking more green tea be good for people with glaucoma? Can you guys explain it to me?
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  • Gabriel peters


    Well, yes, green tea will be good for people who have glaucoma. first, you should know that glaucoma is a kind of dangerous eye disease which, can lead to blindness. According to some researches, when it occurs, it comes like a silent thief, gradually stealing sight and usually providing no warning symptoms in the early stages. But on the other hand, when the disease progresses, damage to the optic nerve grows worse. Finally, side vision can gradually fail until there's only tunnel vision left. What is more, blindness can occur. And nowadays, some evidences have shown that green tea contains catechins which can reduce harmful oxidative stress in the eyes that is linked to glaucoma and other eye diseases. In that way, it can prevent glaucoma and be good for some people who have glaucoma. So just drink it everyday.
  • walkinawayfromu


    Yes, drinking more green tea will be good for people who are with glaucoma. As we know, people with glaucoma will have the unstable eyes pressure. Drinking green tea will calm down your mood. And you will find that green tea will make your eyes get moisture. You should drink it often which will also be beneficial for your body health.
  • Melanie smith


    Well, it is true that green tea is very healthy to our body because of its great ability to improve our health conditions. But, as you can see, glaucoma is one of the most complicated problems with our eyes which needs a lot of care. You should know that glaucoma patients should stay away from strong tea, coffee, or alcohol, etc. So it would be wise for you to drink less of it and follow the doctor's advice.