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What causes eye twitching after tanning?

I like to enjoy tanning. But in recent days, i get eye twitching after tanning. Is this normal? What causes it?
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  • Sara


    There are many problems that cause twitching eyes, and the main reasons as following: 1. Tiredness. Lack of sleep or overtime work can easily cause tiredness and eye twitch. Relax and catch up on your sleep may help. 2. Alcohol. It's been reported that drink too much alcohol can cause eyes to twitch. 3. Allergy problems. Allergies can cause many eye problems, such as pink eyes, swelling eyes and eye twitching. You'd better see a doctor if it caused by allergies. 4. Dry eyes. Many people experience dry eyes, which may be caused by using eyes for a long period of time, weather, and contact lenses and so on. If you are experiencing dry eyes at the moment, that would be one of the reasons causes dry eyes. If your eye twitch last for a long period of time, you’d better see a doctor.
  • classynottrashy


    It is not normal. Your eyes may get the infection after the tanning. During the tanning, you'd better wear the goggles to protect the eyes. If not, your eyes may easily get the inflammation and become red. You will feel so bad at the eyes. You'd better treat it as soon as possible by using the eye drops with anti-inflammation.
  • Steve Zarren


    Yes there are a number of reasons for eye twitching but the one most people are not aware of is a neurological disorder called blepharospasm. It is one of a "family" of dystonias. I overcame mine and you wish more information, visit my website at