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Jada shelley


Why does melody gardot often wear sunglasses?

One of my friends likes melody gardot very much. Do you know what kind of sunglasses does melody gardot often wear? Where can i find it? Thanks
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  • Geoff Beckett


    I like melody gardot very much too. She just wears the dark sunglasses. About the brand, there is no defined information about it. If you like it, you could just go to the online stores to have a search and find the similar type. The price in the online stores may be suitable. And the variety may be many there. You could just go to have a look.
  • Jada oliver


    From the pictures in Google Images, i found melody gardot is totally a charming woman,and the sunglasses she wearing is just a quite normal type. Besides, the frequently-used sunglasses is a pair of small black full frame one. I think that kind of sunglasses are awesome because by wearing them, she could be able to be seen with real class. If you are really interested in that, I recommend that you should visit some websites about glasses to find them out. The walmart is a large chain drugstores online, which contains a wide range of sunglasses of different colors, materials, shapes as well as prices, thus it should not be hard for you to find one satisfying.
  • David


    I think you must be very interested in that singer right? Anyway, from what I know, she is a great singer with her own talents and vibe. In order to add attractions, she chose to wear sunglasses or nerd glasses from time to time, especially on a show. And what she likes the most is called wayfarer sunglasses, which are popular and available at any large optical stores.