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What is the link between coffee and glaucoma?

I heard that that drinking too much coffee can increase eye pressure thus lead to glaucoma. Is that true? Or what the relationship between coffee and glaucoma?
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  • Daniel gerard


    Yes, it is true that drinking too much coffee which contains a lot of caffeine will cause the increase in your eye pressure. The main cause of the glaucoma is the high eye pressure. Thus, drinking too much coffee will cause the glaucoma. Glaucoma is a kind of disease which will quickly lead to blindness. The common eye disease has complicated features. The intraocular pressure intermittent or persistent rise is more than the level of the eye can tolerate. The degree of each part to eyeball organization and visual function has been damaged, leading to a narrow field of vision. The optic atrophy decreases visual acuity. Then the blindness just occur sooner or later. You should take great notice on the glaucoma. Once you get the glaucoma, you should accept the medical treatment to cure it.
  • Bruce Robot


    Yes, it is true that drinking too much coffee can increase eye pressure thus lead to glaucoma. Those who consume three or more cups of coffee a day have a higher risk of exfoliation glaucoma. Even though coffee consuming can reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and myocardial infarction, drinking too much coffee can lead to vision loss.
  • catgay2005


    About this saying, I need to explain a little bit more than just yes or no. What is the so called glaucoma? Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure in eyes, which will kill optic nerves in eyes and finally lead to vision loss. Caffeine is a stimulant which can impact our central nerve system. For some healthy people, it seems OK to drink some coffee, through which you would intake caffeine. Intake some caffeine doesn't cause any complications to the healthy individuals. But it can surely increase intraocular pressure, which will higher the risk of optic nerves damages. For healthy people, the pressure increased by caffeine might last for 3-4 hours depending on how much you intakes. If you don't drink too much coffee per day, it should be OK. It will not directly lead to glaucoma, but it will increase the risks. If you have glaucoma, you need to quit coffee at once. If you don't have glaucoma, then try to control your caffeine intake amount.

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