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Matthew baker


Can you drink alcohol with glaucoma?

I suffer glaucoma. Is it OK if i take some alcohol?
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  • Judy


    It is better not to drink any alcohol if you have glaucoma. We know that glaucoma is caused by increased pressure in eyes which will damage the optic nerves. Drinking alcohol is a stimulant just as caffeine, which will impact our contral nerve system and increase intraocular pressure. Normally glaucoma is chronic, and develop very slow. Doctor will require the patients to take eye examination on a regular basis to monitor the pressure in eyes and development of glaucoma. But if you drink alcohol, it will increase your eye pressure and cause more damages to your optic nerves and speed up the development of glaucoma. So if you are suffering from glaucoma, quit caffeine, smoking and drinking. Once it gets serious, you need to take a surgery to restore your vision otherwise you would be blind forever. Take good care of yourself.
  • Christian scott


    Well, yes, you can drink alcohol when you have glaucoma. As we know that glaucoma is a kind of eye problem which can be related to eye pressure. And we can say that glaucoma is caused by damage to the optic nerve as a result of increased fluid pressure in the eye. According to some experts, drinking alcohol does not appear to increase your risk for having glaucoma damage. On the contrary, alcohol may reduce your eye pressure for a small period of time. So you may need to worry about it. But on the other hand, you should not drink too much alcohol, for it will just be harmful for your situation.
  • Matthew harris


    Drinking suitable amount of alcohol will be good for the glaucoma because of the release of the nerves. However, the stimulating irritates in the alcohol will be bad for the glaucoma which will cause the unstable eye pressure. You'd better not take the alcohol since you suffer the glaucoma. You'd better not take the plane which will also affect the recovery of your eyes.

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