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How to clean toric contact lenses properly?

I have bought a pair of toric contact lenses. Can you tell me how to clean it and keep it properly?
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  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    You just take the contact lenses out of the eyes at night before you sleep. Then you put the contact lenses in the solution to get rid of the protein at the surface of the contact lenses. You just close the box and soap the contact lenses. You should do this every day and change the solution often. In addition, you should change the contact lenses within the expired time.
  • Christian scott


    In fact, It is the same as you clean regular contact lenses. Just take the lenses off your eyes and rinse it in contact solution. But if your forefinger has long nail, you'd better cut it so as to not torn and scratches your toric contact lenses. Just calm down and take it easy, and clean it as usual. Hope this can help you.
  • george


    You need to keep your hands clean, because the bacterium can easily collect on your hands, and when you take out the contact, the bacteria could get into your eye. Wash your hands carefully. The proper use of solution will depend on the type of lenses you own or personal preference. There are saline solutions, used for rinsing and storing. Then store your contact lenses with Hydrogen peroxide solutions.
  • Makayla raphael


    As far as I know, toric contact lenses is especially designed for those who have got astigmatism. And basically you could get some information on how to properly keep them clean from the product manual. I recommend that you just follow the way that is used to clean conventional contact lenses, but you have to follow the instruction paper.
  • Belle Cadwallader


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