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Joanne McAlpine


Do women in square eyeglasses look more intelligent?

Do you think women in square eyeglasses tend to be more intelligent?
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  • EDWIN Caster


    Yes, i think so. In fact, i think people wear full rimmed or semi-rimless eyeglasses in a angular shape like square or rectangular shape are look intelligent and sophisticated. Of course, If you want to look more intelligent, a pair of square eyeglasses is not enough. You shall also wear properly and avoid wearing clothes too casually. If you wear some business suit, it will be look more smart.
  • chrisera21


    Different people have different ideas. Some people may think women with square eyeglasses would look more intelligent. While some other people don't think so. It just depends on yourself. Persoanally, I think women with square eyeglasses look smart and intelligent. I preferring wearing square glasses,too. However, not all women are suitable for square eyeglasses. You should try them on and see whether they look good on you.
  • walker626


    In terms of that, different people hold different views. Personally speaking, I prefer to square glasses. My friend said that I look more attractive on that. Did you ever try them on you? If not, you can have a try. Different type glasses fit different face shape. A lot of online stores can offer you more different kind of glasses and some can provide free glasses to have a try. I'd like to tell you one of the websites to see:
  • Pamela Kennedy


    The shape of the eyeglasses doesn't matter worth SQUAT. I think I've had almost every eyeglass shape they've ever made in my 40 years of wearing eyeglasses, and I'm constantly getting mistaken for uneducated, stupid, etc. By now I have a LAW degree and I still get mistaken for completely uneducated and stupid! It's not the shape or the existence of eyeglasses. It's apparently the colour of the skin behind them that makes the difference. If your skin is "too dark" you will never be treated as having any intelligence at all (let alone a law degree and a 185 IQ) no matter what the shape of the eyeglasses.

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