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Paige williams


Can blocked tear duct cause pink eye?

Is it possible to lead to pink eyes because of blocked tear duct? Why?
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  • lampo


    It is quite possible to lead pink eyes because of blocked tear duct. Tear ducts are tiny tubes that have the function of draining tears from the eyes into cavities near the nose. When the tear duct cannot drain normally, the blockage causes excess tears to well up in the eyes, giving you watery eyes and increasing your risk of eye infections and inflammation. Thus how the tear duct obstruction will result in pink eyes and eye infections. Besides, tear duct obstruction can also cause chronic nose infections. However, study shows that nearly 20 percent of newborn babys have a blocked tear duct, but the condition will recover soon on its own. If your eyes suffer blocked tear duct, you should see your ophthalmologist so as not to further lead to pink eyes.
  • Joshua?arnold


    Yes, it is possible to lead to pink eyes because of blocked tear duct. A blocked tear duct is the situation that duct allowing tears to drain from the eyes is obstructed or fails to open properly. So if you get pink eye, your eyes are red and also have some infection, it is very possible for your eyes to feel uncomfortable and blink not properly, then your tear from your eyes can be obstructed, you can get pink eyes.
  • elizabethandzoe


    Exactly speaking, it won't. Pink eye are often due to eye infection, that is, bacteria and virtues cause some eye disorders include pink eye. Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, is common and not serious. Blocked tear duct is pathway partial or complete blockage, which will automatic clean in 6 months for babies. While, adults need to receive medicine treatment. Generally speaking, blocked tear duct is hard to cause pink eye. But we cannot rule out special circumstances, such as your eyelids are broken or infection during your healing of blocked tear duct. All in all, take good care of yourself.