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Catherine williams


Can you wear farsighted glasses all the time?

Is it OK if i wear farsighted glasses all the time? Or it is very bad to my eyes?
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  • Savannah


    Far-sighted glasses are worn by people having difficulty focusing on nearby objects and getting headache and eye-strain while looking at things at hand. Whether you can wear far-sighted glasses all the time depends on your degree of far-sightedness and your own eye conditions. You are suggested to wear far-sighted glasses only when you need to focus on nearby objects if you are not that seriously far-sighted and could take on ordinary activities. Otherwise, it will worsen your eyes. However, if you have got strong far-sightedness and can't do without far-sighted glasses, you are supposed to wear them all the time. The same goes when you find the degree of your far-sightedness getting worse and worse. All in all , all these are relevant to and dependent upon your age and the degree of far-sightedness.
  • Gabriella


    You'd better not wear farsighted glasses all the time, otherwise you may rely on them then can't see anything clearly without them. You ought to learn how to improve your farsightedness. And if you wish to improve your farsightedness without the help of glasses, you can explore a few targeted exercises--but consult a doctor before trying any new eye routine. Relaxation and blinking are very important for eyesight improvement, certain exercises can also help to stretch your eyes.

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