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Why do my eyes get itchy at night?

My eyes feel itchy at night in recent day. It is so weird. Why? What causes it?
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  • hand_in_glove_


    Your eyes feel itchy at night but do not fell itchy at day time, that situation may caused by dust mites. Just check out if your pillow already used for more than three years, if the answer is YES, it’s time for your to buy a new pillow because there are many dust mites in your old pillow and makes your eyes feel itchy.
  • camzron


    Itchy eyes can be caused by tiredness, and infection, etc. It's reasonable for you to get itchy at night eyes after the tired work. And the air are polluted, then our eyes and skin are easily to get infected by bacterium, so itchy eyes at night can be explained. Anyway, you need to keep your eyes clean every night before sleep. Solution may be helpful, artificial can help you relieve your eyes as well.