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Why do my eyes go red when i watch tv?

When i watch TV, i feel very discomfort in my eyes. Then, my eyes appear red. Why? Is it a sign of pink eyes?
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  • ctakah4ik


    Red eyes are always associated with tiredness, and dryness. Pink eyes are far more serious than red eyes. Other discomfort like hurt and eye mist can be caused by pink eyes. Red eyes' main symptom is red, and then tiredness is the secondary feeling. Eyes can easily get tired when we watch TV, then red eyes appear. Stop watching TV immediately. Then massage your eyes, or you can use ice bag to refresh your eyes. Artificial tears can help your eyes recover faster.
  • Brooke peters


    Yes, it can be a sign of pink eyes. When you watch tv, you eye pain can be caused by tired or strained eyes. Because you stare too much at the light, you will get some irritation since you can not bear it for a long time. And because your eyes become red, you must have bloodshot, that needs treatment soon. And after you watch tv for a long time, just give your eyes some break.
  • Christopher giles


    What showed that you may get some eye problems. If you watch TV in a long time, fatigue and tiredness can increase the pressure in your eyes, then the blood vessels may prominent than before and your eyes become red. If not, you may get some basic eye problems, such as strain eye and dry eye. These basic eye problems are easy to cause eye infection and redness.

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