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David Safir


Can allergies cause eyelashes to fall out?

Is it possible to lead to the falling of eyelashes because of eye allergies?
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  • Katie


    As for some people, house dust, mold and mildew, cat dander, smoke and much more are the allergic source for eyes. In addition, some people have a mild or strong adverse reaction to particular substances, such as cleaning chemicals. Eye allergies is not so possible to lead to falling out of eyelashes. Eyelashes loss can be caused by many reasons, such as aging, pink eye, rub eyes too much and injury. While allergies can cause such eye problems indeed. So I said that allergies i s not very possible to cause eyelashes loss.
  • Nancy


    The falling of eyelashes may partly related to allergies, because our eyes can be pretty sensitive when they get allergy, infection, or inflammation. What you need to do now is keep your eyes clean, then cure the allergies radically. Clean your eyes with physiological saline or solution, pure water can also be helpful. Then you need to use professional anti-allergy artificial tears to cure this problem.
  • Andrea lester


    Yes, it is, allergies can sometimes cause eyelash loss. There are many factors contribute to the falling of eyelashes, including illness, allergic reaction and improper care. If your eyes are irritated and experiencing the falling of eyelashes, stop using your eye cream and other beauty products, because those beauty products could be the causes of your eye allergies.
  • Cathy


    Eyelash loss may not be the most common form of hair loss, but it can still be a pretty stressful problem. Eyelashes are defiantly considered a sign of beauty in most cultures, enough so that cosmetic companies have entire lines of eyelash products. Lashes are, as has been proven, big business.The thinning or loss of lashes can come as a result of many factors, including improper care, allergic reaction and illness. If the loss is minor, you may be able to discover the problem yourself. If the eyelash loss is severe or sudden, it may be best to contact your doctor.Allergies can sometimes cause eyelash loss. If your eyes are irritated as well as experiencing eyelash loss, it's time to stop using any beauty products on your eyes. This means forgoing mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner or any other cosmetic that may rub onto your eyelashes until the problem has been identified