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Is aloe vera good for puffy eyes?

Can aloe vera help people with puffy eyes? Does it really work?
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  • Cammie


    I've heard that aloe does work for protecting and smoothing skin. We can see so many cosmetics contain aloe, such as aloe facial masks, aloe facial cleanser, aloe eye oil. Aloe vera really works for reducing swellings. After washing face, especially eyes, you can apply a little on eyes and close your eyes for a while in case they enter your eyes. Cucumber slice, raw potatoes and some oils can also help with getting rid of puffiness.
  • Kathleen


    Puffy eyes can result from illness, hangovers, hormone fluctuations, allergies, and, yes, exhaustion. They can be itchy, red, and swollen to the point of discomfort. For some people, puffy or baggy eyes are a hereditary trait, and must be accepted as such. Aloe Vera gel is a popular treatment for skin conditions known for its soothing and moisturizing benefits. You can use creams or moisturizers that contain aloe vera, or you can use aloe vera in a pure and natural gel form to soothe and diminish your puffy eyes.
  • garcia


    Aloe vera contains lots of vitamin and other elements which can reduce inflammation. It can promote blood circulation, smooth our skin, etc. Puffy eyes are caused by circulation problem, or liver problem,etc. So, it can help people with puffy eyes for sure. Apply a certain amount of aloe vera on your eye round skin, then slightly rub your eyes with your finger point. Do this every day, then your be fine.
  • Aaron


    Aloe vera has long been proved to be of great value to the protection and treatment of eyes. And aloe vera is widely put on around eyes. The vitamins and and minerals in aloe vera can help eyes stay virginal and youthful. And less fine wrinkles would appear in the corner of the eye by the use of aloe vera. And aloe gel is acknowledged to function a great deal to moisture and hydrate the thin and sensitive skin around the eye. The anti-bacterial effect of aloe vera can make any eye wound, bruise and burn heal more quickly. And researches have also proved the great effect of aloe vera in the treatment of puffy eyes.

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