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Hunter rose


What are the best glasses for deep-set eyes?

Any suggestion on choosing eyeglasses for people with deep set eyes? What types of eyeglasses will match them?
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    As for deep set eyes, worn with the right eyeglasses can make you look smart, confident and unique. Usually, deep set eyes are look small and deep set, and they make people look old and tired. So I recommend you the classic style with big round frame glasses. With its sleek and smooth design of big frames, they fit around the eye socket, rather than the eyeball, which would avoid the disadvantage while enhance advantage of your eyes. Besides, the big round frame eyeglasses would make your eyes appear substantially larger and stand-out more,which would make you more attractive and refreshing. Considering colours, I think light colored frame of eyeglasses will give you neat and smart feeling. I hope this will be helpful for you.
  • miguel gaytan


    Deep set eyes are natural features and people having deep set eyes can see some of their eye lid in the outer corners of their eyes. By any large, eyeglasses with over-sized frames match deep set eyes the most. And we suggest light frames with delicate rims which can better dwarf deep set eyes. So for people with deep set eyes to purchase comparatively larger and lighter eyeglasses is a nice idea. In the eyeglasses market this kind of eyeglasses include cat-eye eyeglasses, large square eyeglasses and Ray-Ban eyeglasses. And we hold that eyeglasses made of plastic and tanium are much lighter and delicate-looking. Why not just buy yourself one pair?