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Can I use eye drops as contact solution?

I just run out of my contact solution, can I use eye drops instead as temporary solution instead?
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  • Luis williams


    You can try, but i think you shall not always use eye drops, just buy another contact solution for your contact lenses. As we know, eye drops are made for cooling your eyes from excess heat and relaxing your eye muscles and keep your eyes moist. So, they are not suitable for keeping contact lenses. while contact solution focus on helping in clearing all the deposits and dirt accumlated around the rim and inside the lenses. From this point, i don't think it is a wise choice to use eye drops to keep contact lenses.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    Of course, you can use eye drops as contact solution temporarily like for one or two nights. But you cann't use them as contact solution for a long time because contact solution are designed to keep the contact lenses moist, help clean the contact lenses and kill the bacteria on the lenses. While eye drops can only help keep the lenses moist, but they won't help clean the lenses or have no function to kill the bacteria. So you'd better go to get another contact solution as soon as possible.
  • Andrea


    Eye drops are aimed at eye diseases. The composition is different from care solution. Care solution is to sterilize and to keep moist. Some eye drops, such as chloramphenicol eye drops, can change the diameter of the contact lenses. But the composition of the sterilization in care solution can clean lenses, but eye drops can not have this effect!So eye drops can not replace care solution.
  • Malcolm Gregory


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