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How to look less nerdy in glasses?

Wearing glasses usually make me look nerdy. But i need glasses for vision aids. So, do you have any good idea that can make you look less nerdy in glasses?
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  • Christina nelson


    There are mainly two ways to make you look less nerdy with eyeglasses. First of all, you can go to the professional eyewear shop to choose a more stylish prescribed eyeglasses. There are various of eyeglasses with fashionable frames and different shapes. You can according to your own face shape and skin color to choose a pair of appropriate smart eyeglasses to replace your old and nerdy one. The other way is to replace your eyeglasses with eye contact lenses, which is further convenient and which helps you get rid of the restraint of eyeglass lenses. With eye contacts, you can wear all kinds of clothes that you like without worrying the glasses would not match your clothing style.
  • cherrytop7


    Well, if you do not mind wearing contact lens, you can have a try. People even do not know you were myopia. If you insist on wearing glasses, I suggest you try semi rimless glasses or rimless glasses. In my eyes, many professors tends to choose full frame glasses, so if you do not want to be nerdy, you can chose other types. In addition, wearing black frame glasses become a fashion. So you can have a try. In fact, many celebrities are also myopia, you can google it to see what they wear.
  • walkwithmir


    First of all, you can wear contact lenses which can free you from frame glasses. Secondly, you can wear glasses with thin, light and metal frame material. Plastic frame seems too dull. Titanium frame is a good choice for you. Last but not the least, you can wear half-rimed or rimless frame eyeglasses. Rimless glasses won't be as noticeable as full frame glasses from distance.
  • Victor


    Contacts can easily solve your problem. However, if you wearing contacts, your eyes will easily get infected. You need to pay much attention to your eges. Besides, half rim frame and rimless frame will make you look knowledgeable. You can buy a new frame that is suitable for your lenses and assemble them. To choose your new frame ,you can use Firmoo's Virtual Try-on System
  • Shally


    1. Get an awesome hair-cut. Find inspiration in fashion magazines.
    2. Be sure to brush your teeth, floss and maybe even use mouth wash. Disgusting teeth are very off-putting, and braces can accumulate junk.
    3. Experiment with eye makeup that brings out the eyes when wearing glasses.
    4. Get some new clothes but don't buy what everyone else is wearing. Get a few basic pieces you can layer and then get principal pieces that YOU like and that really compliment your body type.
    5. A great looking winter coat is important.
    6. you can pay for a pairs of contact lenses.
    7. Don't dress provocatively! Less is more. Did you know that in a recent survey, guys voted jeans and a t-shirt the hottest look on girls?
    8. If you have acne, go see a dermatologist. He will know exactly how to cure your type of acne in the shortest period of time.

    9. Don't forget accessories.
    10. Have fun with your style! Every moment is an opportunity for fashion!
    Hope it helps!