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How to tell which eye is lazy?

I have some trouble on my eyes. My father said that i may get lazy eyes. Do you know how to tell lazy eyes? And is it possible to have lazy eyes in one eyes? How can i tell which eye is lazy?
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  • Marissa


    There are two kind of test, you may have a try.The first is to hold a light in front of your face and note the reflections in each eye. If those reflections are symmetrical, you likely do not have a 'lazy eye', or what we call a strabismus. If the reflections are not symmetrical, move on to the next test. The next test is to cover the 'good' eye with a 3x5 card. Remove the card paying close attention to the uncovered eye. If you have a strabismus, the 'lazy eye' will move away from it's central position. Needless to say, you will need somebody to observe your eyes during both tests, because you won't be able to observe your own eyes.
  • Victor


    Well, generally speaking, lazy eyes can be easily checked. So first, you should know what lazy eye is. Lazy eye is known as amblyopia. And it means that one of your eyes has not developed normally. And in that situation, blurred vision can be possible. In other words, lazy eyes are caused by various conditions which can prevent the brain from using both eyes together. Of course, lazy eye can just occur in only one eye. To correct lazy eyes, glasses may be needed. Also, patching alone, patching combined with surgery, and patching combined with vision therapy are other common ways.
  • Justin fergus


    It is easy to tell whether you get the lazy eyes. If you get the lazy eyes, the eyeglasses with prescription will not help you get the vision at about 1.0. If you have such symptom, there is high possibility for you to have lazy eyes which you could go to the hospital to have a check. You'd better protect the eyes carefully through the good habit of using eyes.
  • Werner


    Yes, it is possible to have one lazy eye and one normal eye. First of all, you can look into the mirror to see if one of your eyes gets inward or outward. You can also have others to check this for you. Secondly, try to move your eyeballs together and check if they are moving coherently. Block one eye with a spoon to see and change to other side. See if there is any difference in your vision of two eyes. The lazy eye makes you squint. Thirdly, wear contact lenses to confirm your problem. If contacts won't help improve your blurred vision, you may have lazy eyes. Fourthly, try to find out if you can sense depth with each eye. Lazy eyes have poorer depth perception. Lastly, you have to have an eye professional to examine your eyes.