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Why do so many chinese people wear glasses?

It seems that wearing glasses become more and more popular, especially in Chinese. Why?
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  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    First of all, in Chinese pop culture, it is a trend to wear glasses especially thick black nerdy frame glasses which is known as vintage style. Celebrities set the trend of wearing glasses. Secondly, many people think these exaggerating big frame can make their face appear smaller and make their eyes more adorable. Lastly, more and more people wear glasses, because there are more and more people suffering from myopia with the popularity of computers and many other digital products.
  • Isabel fergus


    I think there may be two kinds of use of wearing glasses. The great development of China those years are obvious, people use electronic products like computers and mobile phones much more frequetly than ever. The damage for eyes is horrible especially when it happens to the youth. So more people have to wear glasses to protect their vision from getting worse. On the other side, there are still so many people wearing glasses without vision problems. That becomrs a fashion now , I think. A man with glasses looks more gentle and reliable. Glasses which fit your face have a magic effect decorating your looking. But please pay attention that if your eyes are healthy, don't go with functional glasses like for the myopia .
  • baker


    Well, I think that it results from the modern glasses combining vision-correction eye prescription with fashion. They present a stylish design and complete an outfit. More and more frame styles brand, like Marc Jacobs , Calvin Klein and Jones New York, constantly release the fashionable glasses to attract the young. Besides that, it is strange that we will associate the high IQ with a pair of glasses naturally. In general, we all want to be the wise person, let alone Chinese people. What is more, the glasses with some special internal changes like photochromic lenses, which make them fun and spice up our overall image.
  • Kelly gary


    First off this is not a stereotype or assumption. It's a blatant fact that a lot of Chinese people need to wear glasses/contacts compared to other races. Personally I think the reason are below: firstly, most Chinese people would love to stay at home to play computers or watch TV. All of those activities are not good at the development of the eyes. However, it will cause the eyes fatigue and further cause the vision loss. Secondly, a lot of Chinese student are assignment much homework which should be done with the help of computers. In fact, the people have much outdoor activities, which will help with the eye development and has a low rate to get vision impairment. Hope this helpful.

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