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What are welding side effects on eyes?

Is it really bad to eyes from wielding? What are the side effects?
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  • edjuice


    Yes, welding without goggles or facial masks can result in negative influence on eyes. First of all, light sensitivity occurs when you weld without goggles. When exposed to welding light too long, a person can hardly see in sunlight or other bright light. Secondly, staring at welding light without goggles can lead to permanent damage to retina, leaving irreversible blind spot, cataracts, trouble seeing, and blindness.The bright light of welding enter the retina and burn it. Lastly, sparks are possible to fly up into the eyes and burn the cornea, if you don't wear goggles.
  • Larry S


    There are a lot of health hazards caused by welding. As we all know, welding uses fluxes containing several types of coatings with harmful chemicals. Further, when we weld electronics parts will produce some toxic gases, what is worse than that, the fumes and chemicals coming from coating burning will be inhaled into our body and irritate our eyes with a poor ventilation system. Besides that, the common sources of UV light including direct sunlight, a welding torch, reflection of snow and a sunlamp do harm to our eyes. As a result, they cause radiation and photochemical burns of our eyes. By the way, some mechanical damage may occur due to flying particles or chipped slag during welding. Helmets will provide proper protection.
  • Alexa murphy


    Well, generally speaking, it is kind of dangerous to have melding. And if it has some flashes on your eyes, it will just lead to some problems. For example, your eyes will feel flash burning, and at the same time, painful. In some cases, red, bloodshot eyes can occur too. To get rid of it, there are some ways you can just have a try. First, cold compresses with cool cucumber or ice are needed. Also, you can use eye drops, which are a very good idea.