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Sara scott


Is a camera flash harmful to babies eyes?

Is it bad for babies to see too much camera flash light? How can it affect the eyes?
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  • Isabelle


    Well, in my opinion, it is kind of dangerous for your baby to see camera flashes, for the flashes will just cause some problems in the eyes. Generally speaking, baby has kind of sensitive and fragile eyes. If some camera flashes get into eyes, it will be hard for their eyes to get used to it. At that time, your baby may suffer pain in eyes. Also, in some cases, redness can be possible. In a long time, it may just harm the eyes. So just avoid it.
  • Sharron Green


    Absolutely, you babies can not stand too many camera flash light as its dazzling light in lower light and the infrared light emitting from flashes. Both of them do harm to the child development. However, in some degrees, it not differs from normal daylight significantly in fact, though the flash seems very bright. Besides, our infants have more protection from a flash due to their typical smaller pupils shielding their eyes from the harmful lights. I mean, less light can reach their retinas. Further, as they are not greatly interested in taking photos so that they do not always look at the camera directly. In conclusion, a few flash light is acceptable.

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