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Lynn Sherrill


Can birds cause pink eye?

I know that pink eyes are contagious. So, I just want to know if it possible to get pink eyes from birds?
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  • Savannah percy


      Well, yes, pink eyes can just be caused by birds. Generally speaking, pink eye is also named as conjunctivitis. In daily life, there are many ways which can result in pink eye. For example, viruses, bacteria, allergens can be the most common causes. Also, contact lens use, especially the extended-wear type can lead to it too. On the other hand, according to some experts, a virus that infects birds but that can also cause conjunctivitis in humans if you are exposed to infected birds. And that is why there is much flu in world. For the symptoms, pink eye will just cause redness, watery eyes, and itchy eyes. If you do not take some measures to treat it, it can just develop into serious problems.
  • cajunbel29


    No, birds will not cause pink eyes which are contagious between persons. Once you get touched with the person with pink eyes by the thing, you may have high possibility to have the pink eyes. It is such a terrible thing. The pink eyes will make you feel uncomfortable and painful at the eyes. You need to keep the good hygiene to avoid the pink eyes. Once you get it, you need to use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to moisture the eyes. At the same time, you need to use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and moisture. The warm compress is regarded as the good home remedy to protect the eyes.