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Can I put new lenses in old glasses frames?

I just had an eye exam and the doctor said my prescription has changed and need new glasses. I love my current glasses frame, it is the vintage style. Can I put new lenses in old glasses frames?
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  • elite_couture


    That depends. You can bring your old glasses frames to the store where you brought them or the place where you want to get a new one, and then ask the staff whether they can get the right lenses for one's eyeglasses according to your old glasses frames size. Maybe your hope will be realized. If not, do not feel upset. You can go to some online stores to choose new one.There are various types you can choose, they are quite affordable. Maybe you will find another one that you love very much.
  • Marissa george


    Perhaps. That depends on the condition of your old glasses. You should take your old glasses frames back to the place where you bought them or just any optical store and let them check whether your old glasses can be fitted with new lenses. It is possible that the old frame can break easily during the reglazing process. It is difficult for lab technician to put new lenses into old glasses frames and it does need high skills to ensure the perfect fit. I think you'd better get a new pair of glasses then.