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Where can i get free contact lenses?

People online tell me I can get free contact lenses, But i can't find it. Can you tell me where i can get it?
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  • Catherine williams


    It is really necessary to try contact lenses first and see whether you like them or not before you buy them. There are some places where you may get free contact lenses for a try. Optometrists will usually let you keep a trial pair of contact lenses to help you make sure if contact lenses are right for you in some doctor's office. Some manufacture website may offer free lenses. Johnson & Johnson is known to offer free trials of its contact lens products, especially the Acuvue lines. There are also free lenses available offered by online retailers, such as Discount retailers such as Walmart and Costco may offer free trial pairs as well. Surf the website, and you may have the chance to get free contact lenses. Good luck.
  • Nicholas campbell


    Sometimes, the merchant will do some promotional activities for getting people's attention on their commodity. For obtaining better sales, there will be some free goods as the sample sack distributing to consumer. When consumer has tried to the goods, they will come back to buy new ones. However, these activities are not always available. You can go on this website to have a try. Good luck!