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Is it Ok to use regular eye drops when I wear daily contact lenses?

I was told not to use regular eye drops while wearing contact lenses, but still i saw my friends often use eye drops with contacts. So, I wonder if I can use my eye drops while with daily contact lenses. Is this safe?
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  • crystalwhip


    Yes, you can use regular eye drops when you wear daily contact lenses. By using eye drops, it will help you keep eye moist. So, it is good for eyes. But to be safe, you'd better buy eye drop specifically for contacts to avoid some unexpected dangers. Or you can just use eye drops and wait for at least 5 minutes before your wearing contact lenses.
  • Zoe may


    You definitely can use regular eye drops when you wear daily contact lenses. However, it depends on the types of the eye drops. So you should get a eye drop as prescription and follow your doctor's advice. Try to get an eye drop specifically for contact lenses so that it will wind up helping you in the long run and not damaging your eye. To relief the tiring or dry eyes, you can give you eyes a rest or do some eye exercises instead of applying to eye drops. And in your daily life, you should eat more vegetables or take some vitamin supplement to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Jade


    It is not so good to use regular eye drops when you wear the daily contact lenses. If you want to use it, please do it until you take off the contact lenses. Or if you feel uncomfortable when you wear the contact lenses, you would better use the eye drops for contact lenses. Because the daily contact lenses could be injured by the regular eye drops. There is one special drop, like artificial tears, will help you to feel comfortable.
  • copelynrose


    When some people wear the contact lenses at first time, they are easy to have dry and burning eyes. Generally, we don't suggest that use regular eye drops at this condition. Because normal patients don't really know about what the functions of the common eye drops contain. So it is quiet easy for them to make a mistake in choosing eye drops, which may lead to the high eye pressures and even the glaucoma or neuratrophy. That is, eye "burning". And as long as you stop to use them, the symptoms of conjunctival congestion will become more heavy and serious. However, if your dry eyes feel uncomfortable and you really need to use eye drops when you wear the contact lenses like your friends and classmates, you must know that they use the specific chloramphenicol eye drops not the random ones according to experts. Such eye drops we also call as artificial tears. Only using these eye drops can your eyes get a moisturized and protected function.

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