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What can i do to stop watery eyes with cold?

OMG,my eyes keep watering. Is there anyone who has similar experience? Does anyone can tell me to stop my watering eyes. I want to stop it fast.Thanks!
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  • Sara


    Watery eyes is body's normal physiological phenomenon, it is premise to keep your eyes moist. Tears contain antibacterial enzymes, which can kill bacteria. But if the tears are too much, it may suggest the presence of lesion. You can ask some people open your eyelids to look its color, if it is red, or have some blood streak, and the conjunctival surface is uneven, it could be conjunctivitis. You should go to the hospital to have an examination. If you have not above performance, but you may in tears when you go out and face the wind, and you also feel your nose is itchy, it may be allergic conjunctivitis. Then you should wear big goggles to go out. If it is still not the above situation, you also have dry mouth and throat; you can drink tea with chrysanthemum and cassia seed to calm inflammation.
  • Tessence


    As the name implies, watery eyes occurs when the eyes produce too much tears. Usually, watery eyes are caused by irritation or inflammation in or around your eyes,leading your eye to increase tear production. They may happen to one eye or both of eyes. To stop them, Maybe you can try TheraLife Eye which normalize both the lacrimal and meibomian gland functions intra-cellularly.That may help.

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