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Will grey contact lenses look good on me?

I am a girl with long brown hair and fine skin. Now, I want to buy colored contact lenses. My friends recommend me grey contact lenses. What's your opinion? Will it look weird?
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  • b3autifulxlies


    Contact lenses are quite popular among young people because they can not only improve your vision but also can be an accessory of your personal style. And colored contact lenses can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. So it is very important to choose a right color. You should choose the color both according to your skin tone and based on your current hair color. If you have dyed hair, try matching a colored lens to your current shade. According to what you said, grey contact lenses may look good on you. When you go to the store, the staff will give you the professional advice. And you can try a variety of colors to make sure which color will look best on you.
  • Caroline


    Grey is very light color in all colored contact lenses. It is almost the same with non color contacts. And it will not change the color of your eyeballs much. So, grey contact lenses will not make you look wired. On the contrary, they will make your eye naturally good-looking. I also bought a pair of grey contacts before. They look good in my eyes. So, just trust your friends. They have the best advice for you.
  • Mattie Fihelly


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