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What will happen if i wear daily contact lenses for a long time?

I have bought a pair of daily contact lenses and been told that we shall not wear them lenses over 10 hours. If I wear them more than 10hrs, it is bad for my eyes.
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  • tuener


    To be safe, you'd better not try your daily contact lenses over 10 hours. I also have such experiences, luckily, nothing happen. However, one of my friend told me that he suffers eye itches and pain of wearing daily contact lenses about 11 hours. The eyes is really precious organs. It is not worthy to risks our eyes for wearing contact lenses for long time.
  • david


    If you wear daily contact lenses for a long time, you will feel your eyes are not so comfortable, like eye pain, and can not see clearly. And you often do this, your vision will be affected, even your eyes have keratitis or other diseases. So you had better wear the framed glasses some hours every day in order to making your eyes comfortable.
  • Marissa george


    The answer is YES! Often, after you wear daily contact lenses for a long time, there are some side effects like lack of oxygen of cornea and obstacle of physiological metabolism, etc. What's more, if the ophthalmic lens is unclean, you may be easily affected in your eyes. And if the lens winding path not matching to the cornea, it also may lead to the injury of membrane structure of cornea and even affected the keratohelcosis. Naturally, other people may get the allergic eye inflammation after having been worn contact lenses for a long time. Therefore, when you are not in work, don't wear the contact lenses all times. The frames are another choice for you to wear in daily life. If it has to, don't wear them more than 12 hours at most. Last, you should pay attention to the hygiene quality of spectacles.