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Sharron Green


Is it ok to wear sports contact lenses when i play basketball?

I heard that there are sports contact lenses. Is that true? Can I wear it instead of my prescription eyeglasses when I am playing basketball?
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  • eden540


    Of course it is OK. Sports contact lenses is specially designed for those people who are always outside doing sports. Most outdoor enthusiasts have tendency to soft contact lenses. Besides, rigid gas permeable lenses, also called RGP or GP lenses, are another nice option. These contacts are designed for full-time wear and have several advantages over soft contact lenses: They have a better correction of astigmatism and other corneal abnormalities; They are more comfortable to wear for a long time; they can stay clean longer; They will not absorb tears from your eyes like soft lenses do. In general, you should choose contact lenses have better protection from various irritants.
  • Erika


    I don't know that whether there are contact lenses for sports. I think what you heard may mean you can wear contacts instead of prescription glasses. Yes, contact lenses are better than prescription glasses. As they may broke by other players or the flying ball. But you can select a pair of goggles instead of contacts, because contacts also have their disadvantages, too. Such as they may get out when you doing sports or flies may get into your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable.

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