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Is buying prescription glasses online safe?

i have never tried bought prescription glasses online. Is it safe? Will i get scammed?
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  • carolmck


    It depends where you buy. There are so many glasses online. So i can't tell all of them are made of good quality. But there are good quality prescription glasses online sold at a low prices. I have bought a pair of prescription eyeglasses from to my classmate. The glasses is nice and has a bright lenses and frames. Maybe you can have a try on that site. Anyway, they provide return and refund policy. It is worthy to try.
  • Linda


    It is not very safe to buy prescription glasses online. Although buying online is cheap and convenient, for the required prescription eyeglasses, you must see an eye doctor for their prescription. Even you have known the prescription you need when you place the order, you still can not make sure the quality of the frame and glasses. So does the making process of the prescription glasses. In a word buying online may be not the perfect choice even it is cheap and convenient.
  • walks_alone_


    Nowadays shopping online is not something rare but a great tendency that nobody seems can stop. We can buy anything online and of course you also can buy glasses. It's a very convenient purchase method. There are so many different choices on the Internet and the prices are usually cheaper there. The most important thing you should know is make yourself clear about your own prescription and what you really need, at last find a safe online shop.
  • emily_109


    It is popular to buy things online nowadays, for it is more convenient and quicker, so do the prescription glasses. Personally, I bought my glasses and sunglasses online several weeks ago. There are many online stores or websites now. They have numerous types of eyeglass for you to choose from. You can choose different trendy styles of glasses in various colors and they are made of different materials. Most of them are sold at reasonable and affordable price. You can definitely find your own favorite ones there. They also guarantee the quality of the eyeglass’s frames and the accuracy of lens before mailing them to the customers. If you are not satisfied with your eyeglass, you can refer to their Return & Refund policy and they will solve the problems very quickly.

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